Lunch and Learn Lectures

Professional Development
During the Lunch Hour

Lunch-Time Seminars

Lunch and Learn programs are optimally designed to help people discover new perspectives and techniques which improve the way we relate and communicate. These specialty programs help raise employee morale since people who eat and learn together, also work well together. Each topic can be tailored to compliment specific objectives that support company and employee needs.


This program teaches how to:

  • Create awareness and collaboration of critical issues
  • Develop confident communication and listening skills
  • Remain optimistic and productive even in stressful situations
  • Communicate positively with many personalities
  • Raise employee morale and team spirit

Program Format

Lunch and Learn Lectures are available as a 30 to 45 minute workshop scheduled during the lunch hour. These programs can also be formatted to a 60 to 90 minute workshop or a series of lunchtime lectures.

Lunch and Learn Topics

Each Lunch and Learn topic is interactive and enlightening which includes demonstrations and multiple take-away tips. Some popular topics include:


Tips for Reducing Stress

Stress is highly individual since each of us responds differently to stress. Yet there are specific techniques and perspectives we can use to dramatically reduce stress in a healthy way to feel more balanced, productive, and successful. This Lunch and Learn program offers unique insights and practical tips we can apply every day to reduce stress and feel more energetic.

Career Conversations

Communication is a combination of active listening, nonverbal expression, and the capacity to recognize and understand our feelings throughout a conversation. This luncheon lecture can help people vastly improve team dynamics, performance management interviews, and face-to-face meetings. By understanding career conversations, we can improve our collaboration while creating positive relations through the power of connection.

How to Give a Great Speech

A great speech can inspire, motivate, and educate any group or audience. What we seldom realize is how our posture, stance, and attitude either strengthens or undermines the effectiveness of the message we are communicating. Whether speaking in a meeting or in front of an audience, giving a powerful speech increases our ability to lead, motivate, and inspire others.

How to Respond to Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people in an ongoing negative relationship is detrimental to our mental and physical health. Yet, we actually have many choices when responding to difficult people. Learning how to change the pattern of our response to the various types of negative behavior can help to improve all of our communications and our career potential.

Safety Awareness - Establishing an Injury-Free Workplace

This course is ideal for managers and employees to create a safe, positive working atmosphere. Often stress, overexertion, sleep deprivation, conflicts with others, and distractions are behind most accidents and safety mishaps. Being aware is our first line of defense. Taking an active role in safety awareness helps people to become better co-workers, managers, and supervisors in creating the best possible workplace environment.

Learning Outcomes

Lunch and Learn programs help people discover new perspectives and healthier ways to communicate, collaborate with diverse groups, and develop greater team effectiveness. Participants walk away with dozens of innovative ideas and practical techniques. Michael’s presentations have helped people make incredible breakthroughs – all through the power of connection.

This presentation can be tailored to address your company’s
specific goals and objectives. For more information, contact Michael
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