Life Balance

Finding Harmony and Balance
in Career and Personal Life

Lecture & Workshop

Juggling the demands of career and personal life is an ongoing challenge. When work and home life feel out of balance, anxiety is often the result. Taking action to improve flexibility creates balance in our lives which allows us to adjust to changing circumstances, ease stressful situations, and enjoy a harmonious work/life environment. 


This program teaches how to:

  • Find balance in every aspect of life: work, family, friends, and self
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and situations
  • Develop positive self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn effective time management skills
  • Discover the value we bring to every relationship

Program Format

Life Balance is available as a 2 to 3 hour workshop. This program can also be formatted as a 40 to 60 minute lecture that incorporates the fundamental aspects presented in the workshop.

Part 1 - What is Life Balance?

Creating balance between career and home life helps reduce daily stress and anxiety. By achieving a sense of balance, we can improve our relationships at home and work, maintain positive attitudes, and experience a richer, more rewarding life.

Energy and Balance
  • Balancing our time and relationships
  • Eliminate negative habits that drain our energy
  • Develop positive self-esteem and confidence
The Power of Flexibility
  • Achieve a work-life balance that is adjustable
  • Learn to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Being flexible and open-minded when working with others


Part II - Developing Balance in Life

People who are positive and happy have greater efficiency and higher productivity in the workplace. Yet, the more stressed and overburdened we feel, the less effective we become. By finding balance, we have the flexibility to hold up under pressure in a hectic world.

Finding Balance
  • Create harmony through balance and awareness
  • Eliminate the extremes in life that cause imbalance
  • Understanding the many roles we play in life
Physical & Emotional Well-Being
  • Recognizing and changing negative behavior
  • Healthy ways to relax and recharge energies
  • The importance of personal or quiet time

Learning Outcomes

Life Balance is based upon the Aiki philosophy of harmony that teaches how to balance the mind, body, and spirit. In this course, participants learn the importance of being flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances without being overwhelmed by tension and stress. When we achieve balance in our career and personal life, we enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle.

This presentation can be tailored to address your company’s
specific goals and objectives. For more information, contact Michael
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