Career Conversations

Breaking Through the
Communication Barrier

Lecture & Workshop

Strong communication skills are essential at every level of business. That’s why career conversations between managers, coworkers, and teams are the most important factor in developing a highly effective workforce. By understanding the dynamics of career conversations, we can improve collaboration, increase performance, and create positive relations through the power of connection. 


This program teaches how to:

  • Improve conversations with management, coworkers, and teams
  • Communicate effectively both verbally & nonverbally
  • Enhance performance management interviews
  • Create a comfort zone for positive communication
  • Discover the value we bring to every conversation

Program Format

Career Conversations is available as a 2 to 3 hour workshop. This program can also be formatted as a 40 to 60 minute lecture that incorporates the fundamental aspects presented in the workshop.


Part 1 - Communication Barriers

Common communication barriers include cultural differences, technical ability, personality differences, and not understanding the needs of others. By overcoming our differences with others, we can discover new ways of improving communication, teambuilding skills, and career development.

Effective Conversations
  • Understanding the benefits of positive reinforcement
  • Recognize the different styles of communication
  • Be pro-active during performance evaluations
Interacting with Others
  • Improving our quality of connection with others
  • Identifying stressful habits or behaviors of others
  • Working successfully with a multi-cultural or global teams


Part II - Active Listening & Communicating

The secret to active communication is connecting with others and listening without judgment. When we listen to other people with the intention of understanding, we create a positive interaction which helps to eliminate any conflict or misinterpretation.

Active Listening
  • Communicate with clarity and accuracy
  • Develop active listening skills for greater understanding
  • How our inner thoughts affect others
Non-verbal Communication
  • Effective techniques for nonverbal communication
  • Interpreting gestures and facial expressions
  • Using body language to add visual clarity

Learning Outcomes

This course helps people to have authentic conversations with managers, supervisors, and co-workers. Participants will discover effective ways to collaborate with diverse groups, communicate on a higher level, and increase success with performance management interviews and conversations for career advancement.

This presentation can be tailored to address your company’s
specific goals and objectives. For more information, contact Michael
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