March 2020

Letting Go of Worry

We all experience worry which refers to any thoughts, feelings, or fears that happen in response to life’s problems or circumstances. It’s normal to worry about things like an unpaid bill, a job interview, or even a first date. Worry can be helpful when it spurs us to take positive action, but when “normal” worry becomes excessive or uncontrollable, it becomes a problem. The more we ruminate about our worries, the more negative our thoughts become and the more our worries escalate. By not engaging in the cycle of worry, we can shift our worries into a more calm and natural way of thinking.

Being aware of our thoughts and feelings can help identify any negative thinking or feeling that causes us to worry. For example, during the day we can “tune in” to the many thoughts which flow through our mind and notice if we’re experiencing worry. The more aware we are of our worries, the easier it becomes to develop new ways to replace these old patterns of response. We can also learn to let go of our worries by allowing ourselves to perceive things more clearly. By clearing our mind of tension and frustration every day, we can restore our inner harmony and return to a more peaceful way of living.

"There is only one way to happiness
and that is to cease worrying about things
which are beyond the power of our will."


March Comes in Like a Lion

According to the old proverb, “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.” This popular saying was noted by John Adams who referenced the quote in his diary in 1788. With March being such a changeable month, it’s easy to understand how this saying might be true. The month of March usually arrives with a cold, blustery wind that roars in like a lion. By the end of March, the weather becomes warmer and quieter, like a lamb as it gently rolls into April.

Over the years, March has been known for its temperamental weather. So the reasoning for this old proverb, that if March comes in like a lion it must go out like a lamb, is probably correct. Yet, weather sayings are as colorful as our imagination. While many sayings are based on careful observations, others are merely rhymes or beliefs of the people who came before us


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