"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is a world of difference."

Executive Coaching

Success in business depends upon the quality of working relationships. As tension increases in the workplace, relationships become strained, communication breaks down, and employee health costs soar. How do we improve relationships and effectiveness when 85% of employees feel overburdened and stressed?

By understanding the energy of human dynamics, people can learn to overcome differences, resolve conflicts, reduce stress, and enjoy a balanced, healthy life. Michael offers organizational and individual coaching in leadership and team development that helps create collaboration and strengthens working relationships.

Application Coaching for Teams

Application coaching is designed for teams to overcome specific problems and conflicts to improve effectiveness both locally and globally. Michael provides the tools and techniques which help people discover new ways to relate to one another, resolve conflicts, reduce stress, and function at a higher level.

Michael Helps Your Team to:

  • Improve effectiveness in human interactions
  • Communicate with clarity, both verbally & nonverbally
  • Develop active and vertical listening skills
  • Reduce tension and stress in the workplace
  • Inspire self-esteem, innovation, and creativity

Presentation Coaching for Executives

In our high tech world with virtual meetings and web broadcast, today’s executives are seen and heard worldwide. How we present ourselves each day has never been more important. Michael’s unique insight in human dynamics helps improve one’s presence, composure, and self-confidence as a respected leader. Learn the nuances of presentation and how to connect positively with people both virtually and personally in today’s world.

Michael Helps Executives to:

  • Develop a powerful sense of presence
  • Connect positively with any audience
  • Use gestures and expressions effectively
  • Deliver difficult topics with confidence
  • Create positive collaboration

Application and Executive Coaching

On-Site Coaching

Michael coaches groups or individuals at their on-site location or corporate retreats to provide an efficient, yet resourceful way to help executives, supervisors, and teams. Michael’s coaching helps people discover their greatest potential in workplace relationships, effective communication, building self-esteem, and improving the value of the workforce.

Coaching over the Telephone

In today’s busy world, telephone coaching can give people a great advantage in a short amount of time. Clients will gain in understanding and become more confident and efficient with skills that will last a lifetime. Telephone coaching is usually composed of three sessions of 15 to 45 minutes each. All phone conversations are completely confidential.


“I highly recommend Michael for professional coaching,
speaking engagements, or as a consultant.”

Tamara Becher
Project Manager

“Michael is one of those rare speakers who know how to connect
with people on many levels. He is able to captivate audiences with
his wonderful storytelling capability and his unique perspective.”

Becky Divinski
Presentation Skills Coach
BCD Communications

"Michael is a great speech coach. He is compassionate, focused, and
very result-oriented. His experience and training in cross-discipline
makes him unique and powerful as a professional coach."

Vidyangi S. Patil
Verification and Validation Engineer III
Varian Medical Systems

For more information about application and executive coaching,
please contact Michael for a complimentary conversation
either by email or over the telephone.

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