"When people have the ability to connect with one another,
they have the power to change the world.”


Michael ChojnackiAs a professional speaker, workshop leader, executive coach, and a Sensei in the martial art of Aikido, I teach people how to relate and communicate on a higher level where people develop greater self-confidence, effectiveness, productivity, and harmony through the power of connection.

Michael Chojnacki

Questions & Answers with Michael

What do people learn from your presentations?

In my lectures and workshops, people learn how to improve their ability to communicate, manage conflicts, reduce stress, and create positive workplace environments. When people learn how to balance life and work without stress, they become better leaders and co-workers who can enjoy a richer, more rewarding life.

Why are your techniques so effective?

The techniques I teach in human dynamics quickly and effectively improve the way people interact and communicate with one another. By giving people practical methods and effective techniques, they can discover the many options they have in resolving problems with greater success.

Why do you incorporate Aikido into your teachings?

The philosophy of Aikido teaches how to live life through the power of harmony. These principles strengthen relationships and create collaboration between individuals or groups which directly shape the consciousness or culture of an organization.  

Why harmony in the workplace?

Human beings have incredible potential when they work together in harmony. People who work together with a higher level of awareness have a far greater competitive advantage than those who have inner conflict and work against each other. Being able to create harmony improves our effectiveness and potential in any circumstance.

How did you make the shift to teaching in the corporate world?

I’ve always had a great passion for teaching and helping people improve the quality of their lives. As a business professional of thirty years, I know the challenges that face people at every level of business. As an Aikido Sensei, teaching the martial art of Aikido gave me a unique perspective into human dynamics. By applying the principles of Aiki to the corporate world, I designed specific techniques and methods to solve problems people face every day and improve the effectiveness of human relations.

What makes your lectures and workshops so lively and popular?

Every communication is an exchange of energy. In my lectures and workshops, many people have breakthrough experiences which make the presentations so memorable. By understanding the energy of working relationships, people discover how to overcome differences, resolve conflicts, reduce daily stress, and enjoy a balanced, healthy life.

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