September 2019

Our Presence

Each of us has a certain “presence” which is expressed through our thoughts, emotions, and feelings that resonate within us. Whatever we’re thinking or feeling is conveyed through our presence and is felt by everyone around us.

We often notice someone with a strong presence the moment they walk into a room. Even if that person doesn’t speak, there’s a definite sense of energy or “aura” about them, whether that energy is positive or negative. People can sense our presence from our radiance because it’s through our emotions and attitude that we connect intuitively with others. That’s why it’s important that our presence is based upon who we truly are, rather than projecting a false image of what we want people to see.

Presence is an important indicator of our self-esteem and level of confidence. Having an authentic presence is exceptionally helpful before a speech, job interview, negotiations, or resolving conflicts. The better we feel about ourselves, the easier it is to feel confident and have a positive presence in front of others. When we’re calm and centered, we can develop a greater sense of presence and inner peace which leads to a happier, healthier life.

"The most precious gift we can
offer others is our presence."

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Season of Autumn

Autumn begins on the autumnal equinox and is traditionally seen as a period of change. Nature takes on a vibrancy of red, gold, and orange as it turns the canopy of trees into one big canvas of color. With fewer daylight hours and cooler temperatures, autumn brings a nip to the air. Animals begin their preparation for hibernation by gathering supplies of food or traveling south toward warmer climates. For many farming cultures, autumn is the time for gathering crops and giving thanks for a bountiful harvest.

The season of autumn is associated with the experiences of reflection, mindfulness, and change. This can be observed in nature as the landscape changes dramatically during these fall months. Autumn is also a time of acknowledging and appreciating all the abundance and blessings we've been given and a time to be mindful of letting go of anything we may be holding on to that no longer serves us. This way, we can make room for new experiences and the development of wisdom and compassion in our lives.


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